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Santosh Kumar, an accomplished serial entrepreneur, inspiring thought leader, and esteemed member of the Forbes Business Council. Serving as the Global CEO
of B2B Growth Hub Limited, Santosh brings extensive knowledge in strategic growth consultation, digital transformation, and marketing support.

Renowned for his exceptional leadership and customer centric approach, he possesses a unique talent for transforming brands and building successful businesses.
Santosh’s passion for making a positive impact on the world and his dedication to sustainable business practices drive growth, innovation, and profitability. With
a compassionate nature, he finds joy in simplifying the lives of others while fostering trust and dependability. Through coaching, writing, presentations, and
workshops, Santosh empowers individuals to unlock their hidden potential and shape their future

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Day 1 - July 12, 2023

4:30 pm-5:00 pm

Panel Discussion with Santosh Kumar

Being organized and making everyone’s life easier is my obsession. Taking the burden off my loved ones’ shoulders brings such genuine joy to me, and I always strive to enhance that. The same applies to work. Trust and dependability are two things that can grow a business more than anything else, and I am dedicated to both. In my coaching, writing, presentations, and workshops, I help people explore their past and create their future. Whatever I do, whether I’m writing a column for the magazine, talking to audiences about how tragedies can be turned into triumphs, or guiding individuals through their own journeys of discovery, my aim is the same: to help you find your buried treasure so you can live your best life. I specialize in working with entrepreneurs who are going through a change. Creative people who are usually brilliant and creative, but not appreciated or valued by the world at large.


Keynote Forum
July 12, 2023

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